ToxScholar Presentation Topics

The Society of Toxicology has an extensive list of speakers who will adapt presentations on the topics below to match the goals of undergraduate courses or to speak on the diverse careers related to toxicology to classes, in career panels, and to student clubs, and to discuss graduate study in the biomedical sciences.

To request a speaker, please send a message to Betty Eidemiller with the course title, topic desired, and approximate date for the class presentation.

Toxicology Topics Speaker’s Employment Sector
Advanced manufacturing and toxicology Government
Air pollution Academia
Air pollution and cardiovascular disease Academia
Asbestos and/or petroleum toxicology Industry
Botanical safety NGO
Cancer: Do chemicals cause cancer? Academia
Cardiotoxicity with human stem cells, drug development Government
Cardiovascular toxicity and drug development Industry
Chemical mixtures  Government
Chemical risks from eating recreationally caught fish Government
Community-based participation in toxicology research Academia
Consumer products and toxicology Industry, Government, Non-governmental organization
COVID and public health Academia
Dermal toxicology  Academia
Developmental cardiotoxicity: stem cell models  Government
Developmental neurotoxicity: stem cell models Government
Developmental neurotoxicology Academia, Government
Developmental toxicity: stem cell models Academia
Drug development Industry
Drug development and gene therapy Academia
Drug development--oncology Industry
E-cigarettes, vaping, and lung disease Academia
Environmental exposures Academia
Environmental health Academia, Government
Environmental issues related to respiratory health  Academia
Environmental toxicant detection using bioluminescence Government
Environmental toxicology Academia
Epigenetics and toxicology Industry
Exposure science Industry, Government
Food toxicology Non-governmental organization
Gene-environment interactions in neurodegenerative disease Academia
General toxicology Academia, Industry, Non-governmental organization
General toxicology and zebrafish models Academia
Green chemistry Industry
Human food safety toxicology in the context of veterinary drugs Industry
Immunotoxicology and drug reactions  Industry
Inhalation toxicology  Academia
Liver: Physiology, pathology and toxicology Academia
Medical devices (for bioengineering, polymer chemistry classes) Industry
miRNA in toxicology Industry
Molecular toxicology techniques Academia
Nanomaterials and human health Government
Natural toxicants Industry
Neurological changes with secondhand smoke Academia
Next generation sequencing Government
Nutritional toxicology Non-governmental organization
Occupational Cancer Government
Occupational safety and health Consulting
Omics tools  to understand toxicity mechanisms Academia
Organs on chips in chemical safety evaluation Industry
Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) Industry
Personal injury following toxic exposure law (toxic tort) Industry
Pesticides Industry
Product safety Industry
QSAR (chemical structures that have similar toxicity vs. one that don't); isomers Industry
Regulatory safety testing  Non-governmental organization
Regulatory toxicology Consulting
Renal toxicology, including kidney organoids and regenerative medicine Academia
Risk assessment Academia, Industry
Role of toxicologists Academia
Sensory Irritation Industry
Sequencing approaches Industry
Stem cell toxicology Academia, Industry
Stem cells and developmental biology Academia
Sustainable product stewardship Industry
Toxicoepigenetics Government
Toxicology in animal health Industry
Translational toxicology  Academia
Veterinary toxicology Industry