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Toxicological Sciences

Toxicological Sciences (ToxSci) is the official journal of the Society of Toxicology. Jeffrey M. Peters, PhD, is the current Editor-in-Chief.

The current issue of the journal, advance access articles, an archive of past issues, and more Toxicological Sciences content are available on the official Toxicological Sciences website.

Toxicological Sciences encourages the submission of original and hypothesis-driven research articles and also publishes Contemporary Reviews, as well as forum articles and editorials that address important topics in the field. Examples of the types of research articles published include:

  • Structural, functional, biochemical, and molecular effects of toxic agents.
  • Studies that address mechanisms of toxicity.
  • Relevant translational data for human health assessment.
  • Statistical or mechanism-based approaches to risk assessment.
  • Novel methods or approaches to studying toxicology.

Submissions to the journal are accepted online through ScholarOne Manuscripts. Submitting authors should review the Toxicological Sciences Public Access Policy and other important Information for Authors before submitting your article.

In support of the journal’s commitment to reproducibility and data archiving, Toxicological Sciences offers submitting authors data deposition using Dryad Digital Repository.