SOT Collaborative Impact

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Partnering with Like-Minded Organizations

SOT interacts with a wide variety of organizations and agencies in order to have greater success in fulfilling its mission of “creating a safer and healthier world by advancing the science and increasing the impact of toxicology.”

Letters of Support

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

American Academy of Clinical Toxicology (AACT)

The AACT and SOT have committed to promote an exchange of speakers/sessions at each society’s meeting to further educate their students, faculty members, and administrators. Both parties aim for a “goal of creating a safer and healthier world through advancements in education, research, prevention, and treatment.”


Each year, SOT and EUROTOX sponsor a joint debate at each annual event on a key topic in toxicology and exchange award lectures between their two meetings.

Japanese Society of Toxicology (JSOT)

The purpose of the SOT-JSOT MOU is to enhance the future academic relationship between SOT and JSOT, in order to enhance the development of toxicology in the international arena. JSOT and SOT sponsor an exchange each year through which two scientists from each organization participate in a Symposium focused on a topic of global interest at each Society’s annual event.

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Through the MOU with NIEHS, SOT has committed to “pursue collaborative efforts such as liaison communications, partnerships, and events that promote best practices associated with common interests and missions” in efforts to “improve the identification, characterization, and prevention of environmentally related disease.”

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

NIOSH and SOT agreed to work collaboratively through partnership, now and in the future, to promote best practices associated with exposure science and control.

US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)

The US FDA and SOT agreed to work collaboratively through partnership to promote best practices associated with regulatory science and toxicology.


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Organization Memberships

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

AAAS is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of all people.

Americans for Medical Progress (AMP)

AMP is dedicated to nurturing public understanding of and support for the humane, necessary, and valuable use of animals in medicine.

Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC)

AAALAC International is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in science through voluntary accreditation and assessment programs.

International Union of Toxicology (IUTOX)

IUTOX is the voice of toxicology on the global stage. The organization seeks to increase the knowledge base of toxicological issues facing humankind and to extend this knowledge to developing societies and nations.

National Association for Biomedical Research (NABR)

NABR provides the unified voice for the scientific community on legislative and regulatory matters affecting laboratory animal research.

National Postdoctoral Association (NPA)

SOT holds a sustaining membership in NPA, which provides resources and support for individuals engaged in postdoctoral activities.

Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC)

The Scientific Liaison Coalition is a partnership of scientific societies with the goal of improving public health through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach.

States United for Biomedical Research (SUBR)

SUBR is a network of nonprofit associations who have joined forces to promote health through science and education and to enhance public understanding of and support for biomedical research, including the humane care and use of research animals.

Regulation and Policy Communications

Throughout the year, SOT expresses support for efforts to strengthen science or the use of sound science in regulations and policy by adding its voice to those of like-minded colleagues in letters and other communications. SOT Council formalized the SOT Requests for Comment Procedure on May 13, 2020.

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