SOT Global Initiatives Funding

Notice about This Program

Funding for this program is paused for the 2023–2024 fiscal year, but you are encouraged to share your event with the SOT membership by posting it to the SOT Calendar of Events, submitting it (if eligible) for promotion through the SOT “Around the World of Toxicology” blog series, and sending information to the leadership of relevant SOT Regional Chapters, Special Interest Groups, and Specialty Sections for distribution to their members.

As part of its strategy to foster its global initiatives, SOT has funds available to support activities consistent with the Society’s global priorities, as outlined on the "Global Presence" web page. SOT encourages proposals that represent collaborations between the Society, SOT Component Groups, SOT Committees, and other toxicology organizations (e.g., IUTOX, Japanese Society of Toxicology) that also include matching funds from one of the collaborating partners. Matching funds are not required, but will greatly increase the competitiveness of the proposal. SOT will fund proposals up to $4,000.

How to Apply

Applications for this program are not being accepted for the 2023–2024 fiscal year. However, you can request for SOT to endorse your event by emailing a one-page overview of your event to Kevin Merritt.

Things to Consider in Your Proposal

Proposals should:

  • Be focused on an important toxicological issue or development concern;
  • Be balanced when discussing any controversial topics;
  • Be timely;
  • Be as complete as possible with regards to coverage of relevant topics and the agenda;
  • Involve leading/experts in the field, when possible; and
  • Provide descriptions on how the funding will be used to support the meeting, activities, or individuals involved. In instances where travel is supported, competitive mechanisms that support multiple individuals are preferred.

All proposals will be evaluated based on how well they fulfill one or more of the criteria below that are articulated in the Society’s Strategic Plan:

  • Serve as a forum for novel discoveries and approaches related to toxicology;
  • Foster the integration of other scientific disciplines with toxicology;
  • Promote transformative science in toxicology;
  • Promote translation of evolving technology into clinic and public health;
  • Communicate the impact and relevance of toxicology with key audiences;
  • Increase partnerships/collaboration with scientific societies; or
  • Be a forum for discussion of public and environmental health policies/issues.

Conditions Upon Approval

If approved, initiatives will be funded up to $4,000. Honoraria are not a permitted expense. A summary report (no more than 750 words; photos welcome) is due within 30 days of the conclusion of initiative or event.

If these funds are being used to support or develop participation in a meeting, the following items represent actions to be taken by SOT and/or by the proposer/meeting organizer:

  • Use of SOT’s name on promotional materials.
  • Submission of the event to the SOT Calendar of Events.
  • One-time use of the SOT email list, which is implemented through an SOT blog post that is included in the Weekly Update email sent to all SOT members.
  • Reciprocal one-time use of meeting organizer’s mail list.
  • Link to SOT Annual Meeting website provided in meeting materials.
  • Provide SOT with the list of meeting attendees with their full contact information.