Paracelsus Circle Visionaries: Jerry B. Hook and Jacqueline H. Smith

This largely black-colored graphic is created from multiple images. In the background is a curved line with a sliver of blue-white light bordering it—it is the sun rising over Earth from space. Over the middle of this curved line where there is a sun spot, a blue-gloved hand holds a petri dish that is capturing the sun spot. Spanning the width of the graphic over these elements are the words Paracelsus Circle Visionary. In the lower left portion of the image is a sepia-toned image of a smiling woman and man. Below these individuals are the names Jacque Smith and Jerry Hook.

Paracelsus Circle Visionary Stories

Upon achieving Lifetime Paracelsus Circle Visionary Status, SOT asks these valued Endowment Fund contributors to share their stories. The following article was developed upon Jerry B. Hook and Jacqueline H. Smith becoming the Endowment's first Lifetime Paracelsus Circle Visionaries.

Why We Give

June 2015

“Most of us don’t have the foresight to predict the needs of toxicology 10 years from now, but through my contributions to the SOT Endowment Funds, future Councils will have funds to support programs that could have a significant impact on toxicology,” says Jacqueline Smith, one of the Task Force members responsible for implementing the Endowment Fund and a former Board Chair.

Adds Jerry B. Hook, SOT President 1987–1988, “I wanted to create a situation where SOT Council could support an innovative idea faster and with more impact than waiting for traditional funding agencies to react. I wanted the bulk of my donation to go where it is needed and can be most creatively used.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Smith and Dr. Hook each made donations to the SOT Endowment Fund at levels that have made them the Society’s first Visionary Contributors. Instead of creating new Named Funds, each elected to contribute to established funds that they felt passionate about supporting.

One of these funds was the Education Fund. Dr. Hook notes how much the Society’s Continuing Education program has grown over the years and how this kind of program is not offered by many other professional scientific societies. He donated to the fund because he wants to see SOT’s education efforts continue to flourish.

Introducing children to the science of toxicology at an early age is something the Society has done very well, says Dr. Smith, who also contributed to the Education Fund. She believes this exposure is important for the field’s future.

The desire to see the impact of their donations led Dr. Smith and Dr. Hook to make their donations now instead of as part of their estates. “We wanted to make contributions that could have an impact—and we look forward to seeing that impact in the years to come,” says Dr. Hook.

“We wanted to show our confidence in the Society and its leadership,” adds Dr. Smith. “We’re so thankful for the impact SOT has had on our lives. SOT brings people together who may never have professionally worked together, but can accomplish so many other things through the SOT organization. We’d love nothing more than to see this endowment continue to grow.”

“We encourage our friends and fellow toxicologists to make donations to the SOT Endowment in a way that makes sense for them. I am overjoyed with the progress of high quality of work emerging from the SOT. The Endowment Fund will help the Society continue to progress and have a great impact.”

SOT and the Endowment Fund Board thank Dr. Smith and Dr. Hook for their generosity in supporting the following individual funds:

  • Strategic Priorities Fund

    “Strategic planning gets things off the ground. It harnesses the energy of groups to a positive benefit. These Council-led initiatives have greatly impacted SOT membership and engagement.” ~Jacqueline Smith

  • Celebrating Women in Toxicology Award Fund

    “Helping promote the visibility of women in toxicology and the Society is one of the things I am most proud of accomplishing during my time as SOT President. This contribution will help continue the Society’s commitment to and support of female toxicologists.” ~Jerry Hook

  • Diversity Initiatives Fund

    “SOT has a strong history of including minorities, and I want to see that work continue.” ~Jacqueline Smith

  • Renal Toxicology Fellowship Award Fund

    “I was a renal toxicologist and want to ensure the future of aspiring renal toxicologists.” ~Jerry Hook

  • Education Fund

    The Society has enriched each of our careers through education in different ways. Our support of the Education Fund is to honor those in classrooms, lecture halls, and laboratories who are role models and educators to all of us.