Chat with an Expert

3 attendees standing in front of the sign up board for the Chat with an Expert during the 2019 Annual Meeting

The GSLC will once again host Chat with an Expert (CWAE) at the 2022 Annual Meeting in San Diego, and we would like to invite your participation! Please register using the links after the appropriate description (Experts or Students/Postdocs) below.

The CWAE program provides a special opportunity at the SOT Annual Meeting for small groups of students and postdoctoral scholars to meet with Associate or Full SOT member experts for informal discussion.

This program provides participants with a great opportunity to network and gain insights from seasoned toxicologists. Groups of up to three students will be matched with suitable expert volunteers from industry, academia, or government using the information provided during registration for the event. Over the past few years, both expert and student registration was modified requesting additional background information from experts, to ensure a more accurate Student/Expert match-up process. Additionally, in 2014 CWAE introduced the “no more than four per Student/Expert group” limit.

The expert will determine the location and whether the group will meet for a snack, coffee, or for a social hour. After students and postdocs are matched, the expert will receive contact information for their group. Each expert will contact the participants to provide the time of their meeting and to solicit information that will help them know more about the group members. All groups meet at the Chat with an Expert information board, located in the Annual Meeting Main Lobby, and then each group visits the location selected by the expert. Each participant is responsible for their own meal or snack costs.

Nonmember students may send their questions to SOT Headquarters.


The GSLC invites Associate and Full members of SOT to meet with a small group of students and postdoctoral scholars (no more than three) for an informal discussion over coffee, snack, or an informal meal during a convenient time at the Annual Meeting. Complete the expert registration form at the link below, indicating your areas of interest. You will be matched to students with similar interests. Before the Annual Meeting, the GSLC will send you the email addresses for members of your group so that you can communicate with your group and convey the date, time, and place you have chosen.

Groups meet at the appointed time at the CWAE information board in the Annual Meeting Main Lobby and then proceed to the selected place. You will inform the event organizers of the time of your meeting so the information can be listed on the CWAE information board.

Your participation will strengthen the networks within SOT and provide a valuable opportunity for discussion of scientific topics and career experiences. Experts are encouraged to register as soon as their schedules allow.

Thank you to all the experts who have volunteered. If you missed the signup form, please email Jessie Yuhaniak to be added to the list.

Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars may sign up to participate in the CWAE program by indicating their interests on the registration form linked below. The expert will provide details to each participant in that group in advance of the Annual Meeting in early-to-mid March.

Postdoctoral Scholars are welcome to sign up as either experts or participants. For those who sign up as experts, the GSLC will match graduate students with postdocs for an informal meeting. Students and postdocs who are interested in registering for Chat with an Expert, please complete form below.

Student Sign-Up Form
2022 Expert Listing

Roles in GSLC Chat with an Expert Program

Role Activity
Toxicologist Role Host a group of postdocs/graduate students
Postdoc Role Participate or host a group of graduate students
Graduate Student Role Participate
Undergraduate Role N/A