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Endowment Fund

Matching of Contributions by SOT Council

Increase the impact of your donation to your favorite Endowment Funds by taking advantage of SOT’s matching funds.
SOT will match up to $60,000 in contributions for the current fiscal year
(July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019).

SOT Endowment Contributions Matched Since July 1, 2018
$60,000 - Match Complete



About the Endowment Fund

The SOT Endowment Fund aids toxicology and toxicologists through a series of funds that support SOT programs and members. SOT bears the administrative expenses of the Endowment Fund, assuring that every dollar contributed goes directly to support programs.

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SOT Publications

Individual Funds and Contributors

The Endowment Fund is a home for multiple types of funds. SOT Mission Funds are designed to support the long-term strategic priorities of the Society, while Named Funds are created for specific funding purposes as specified by the donor.

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SOT Publications

Honor Roll of Contributors

The SOT Endowment Fund Board, on behalf of the entire membership of the Society of Toxicology, gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the many donors who made contributions to the SOT Endowment Fund.

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